Refund Policy And Wait List

Our Refund policy is designed to promote individuals that have made a solid commitment to reaching their goals and signing up for Certification classes/coursework. We receive registration notifications from the NRA class website, we then call potential student, and we discuss how these classes align with their goals. After we have discussed goals and all that is necessary to be an instructor then we send the potential student a link to our scheduling website to make a payment.

We understand uncontrollable situations occur. We ask that if something arises that causes the new student to have to cancel/ or miss the class then we will move the student to another class in the future. In order for us to even consider a refund then we would need at least 48 hours' notice and a brief explanation in writing to We will base our consideration to refund on the severity of the situation and the uncontrollable nature that occurred. We will accommodate the student by moving them to the next available class of the same discipline and the student must communicate and attempt to complete the class within one year from payment date.

If a refund is approved by AZ Alliance Training LLC staff then there may be a charge kept for processing credit card and books. 

Our Contact: Antoinette Deshaies is the Director of Operations – 480-332-2549

Updated 3-18-2023

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