The Refuse To Be A Victim course was developed by the woman of the NRA in 1993 in response to a nationwide request of women requesting crime prevention and personal safety information. As one of the organization goals is “to promote public safety, law and order and the national defense.”. The Refuse To Be A Victim program was created. It was so effective among women that in 1997 the program went co-ed. Topics covered range from The Psychology Of Criminal Predators, Out of Town Travel Security, Personal Protection Devices and Parent / Child Safety and many other topics

In 2021, there were 144,300 reported rape cases, An estimated 202,200 reported cases of robbery, an estimated 899,700 reported burglary cases, an estimated 6.42 million reported property crime.
The riots of 2021 and 2022 were well publicized.

Class length: About 4-5 hours is adaptable to the audience.

Registration is a two step process. You must complete the registration through the AZ Alliance Training LLC site in order to pay for the course and the NRA site for administrative purposes.